Gaza War

Believe all women … unless they’re Israeli victims of the savagery on and after Oct. 7

“The sexual assault I experienced should never happen to any human being under any circumstances. No one should ever be sexually violated, and there are no justifying circumstances for these crimes,” she said.

Gaza War

Influencers in NYC for anti-Jew-hate summit

More than 300 influencers traveled to New York City from around the world for a first-of-its-kind antisemitism-busting event this week. “This is your moment to use your platforms to change …

Gaza War

Push to ‘Unmask NY’

Voices are rising to demand that New York State reinstate its law banning wearing masks in public places after months of violent anti-Israel protesters wearing face coverings. The 175-year-old law, …

Summertime Message & Reminder

The lazy days of summer should not be a vacation from Torah

With the start of summer, The Jewish Star is again pleased to publish a message by Rabbi Hershel Billet, retired spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Woodmere. In a version of the message that the …

Gaza War

Saluting America and recalling when we were immigrants too

It is almost July 4th, that most American of all American holidays. I am a true and unabashed patriot, especially on the Fourth of July, and I love the parades, the concerts and the many, many …

Gaza War

Thinking about the blood libels, then and now

Last Wednesday was the 20th of Sivan, which was once a fast day that commemorated the first violent blood libel. (The Vaad Arba Aratzot later redesignated it to commemorate the Cossack …


The ongoing global lust for more Jewish blood

Like all those who publish here, I too am a warrior and a wordsmith. I am driven by ideas. They rule my waking life. But some days are too hard. I’ve been writing about antisemitism …

Gaza War

From empathetic humanitarianism to terrorism

“Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death; – the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine!” — A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens E very leftist cause is founded …

Westchester News

Latimer KOs Israel-hating, 10/7 denying Bowman in Bronx-Westchester primary

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, an Israel-hater notorious for attacks on Jews and the dissemination of conspiracy theories, lost by 16-percentage points to Westchester County Executive George Latimer in …

Gaza War

IDF Commander rehabs at Five Towns Premier

When 23-year-old Jonathan Benhamou, a commander in the IDF’s D-9 unit, arrived via Hatzalah at the Five Towns Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Woodmere on June 10, community members …


Reader points to research flaws in tefillin story

Based on an analysis of tefillin boxes dating to the end of the Second Temple era (approximately 2,000 …


This July Fourth will be a freedom bonanza

M any of us tend to forget the origin of July 4, but not I! Fifty years ago, this Shet land Islands native became a proud new American citizen after studying the fundamentals of US history and the …


‘Brokenism’ presages better future, Tablet editor says in the Five Towns

She was greeted as a hometown star, but journalist Alana Newhouse did not return to the Five Towns on Monday night bearing good news. But she said that although “everything is …


Debate was a lesson in American mediocrity

There is a certain kind of person for whom “The West Wing” was dramatic television at its finest. It featured sharp, brainy, political dialogue with a cast walking around the White House …

gaza war

The truth is this: There are no civilians in Gaza

Americans expected Osama bin Laden to be found in a cave in Afghanistan. In reality, he was living comfortably in a military town in Pakistan under the protection of …

NYC News

Bragg won’t stop it: Protest slams NY DA who refuses to prosecute Jew-menacing thugs

Protesters chanted “Bragg, Bragg, punish crime, make sure criminals do their time” and “do your job,” during a rally outside the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin …


Stop It Now!

As unchecked Jew-haters run wild on the streets of New York — calling for a forever intifada, cheer- ing the Holocaust and Oct. 7 , and pining for the death of all Jews — where are our …

Gaza War

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Post-Oct. 7, Israel is alone

There are few men who feel the pain of distant upheavals as acutely as Bernard-Henri Lévy, 75, a French philosopher, filmmaker and public intellectual. Born to a wealthy Sephardic family …

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