Antisemitism Panel

Students tell Nassau panel: Antisemitism’s in the house

Since she was a five-year-old on her school’s playground, Sofie Glassman has been encountering antisemitism. “A girl told me I wasn’t allowed to play with her because I was …


Living with Gaza’s ‘insoluble problem’

Upon its conclusion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightly lauded the Israel Defense Forces for its brilliant work during “Operation Shield and Arrow.” The five-day …


Tunisia prez: Israel is Nazi

Four days after two Jewish cousins were murdered by a terrorist outside a historic Tunisian synagogue on the island of Djerba, the country’s president compared Israel with Nazi Germany. …


George Santos charged with wire fraud, money laundering

Rep. George Santos was arrested this morning, turning himself in on a 13-count indictment accusing him of wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and making materially false …

Kosher Kitchen

Getting ready for Shavuot with dairy deserts

An article I recently read about Shavuot spoke about the dramatic noises, fire and seismic activity surrounding Moses’ receipt of the Torah. If one is to believe Cecil B. DeMille, there was a …

Kosher Dining

Yakar, Flatbush steakhouse, is worth the trip

Coney Island Avenue between Avenues J and K would seem like a great place to open a kosher restaurant. That’s probably why there are about 25 places in a three-block radius. But when Bakar …


Dire rush to rescue Bnei Menashe as ethnic violence spreads in India

Caught in the middle of violence between northeastern India’s Meitei Hindus and Kuki Christians, the Bnei Menashe, who claim descent from a lost biblical tribe and whom Israel accepts upon …

Outside Enjoyment

Fun continues this Sunday in Cedarhurst Park

Fun (and some bonfire smoke) filled Andrew J. Parise Cedarhurst Park on Lag B’Omer. Fun in the park continues this Sunday, 12:30 to 5 pm, at the annual Kulanu Fair.


From France and UN, new low in Israel-bashing

I knew something was up when I overheard two flight attendants talking an hour before I landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. In hushed tones, I heard them say they were told to go directly …


Rabbi Menedelvitch: Resilience in Jewish fight

Students at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway were privileged to meet Rabbi Yosef Menedelvitch, a former refusenik who shared his incredible story of resilience and fighting for …


Yom Haatzmaut a joyous event throughout HALB

It was an unforgettable Yom Haatzmaut at HALB, always a highlight and the school year. Lev Chana took their annual “trip” to Israel, completely transforming the school. Children …

Kosher Kitchen

Getting ready for Shavuot, holiday of women

If there was ever a holiday that celebrates the strength and intelligence of women, Shavuot is it. Yes, I know that this joyous holiday is most commonly associated with Moses bringing the words …


Shavuot treat: Cheese, in all its glorious forms

According to tradition, Shavuot — the two-day holiday that begins on 6 Sivan (this year, the evening of Thursday, May 25) — marks the Israelites’ receiving of the Ten Commandments …


Yeshiva U co-hosts interfaith confab in Dubai

The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum in Dubai’s old city is nestled between palm-tree-lined streets and a large creek feeding into the Persian Gulf. The Holocaust exhibit that it opened in …


Debunking the ‘settler-colonial project’ lie

Anti-Zionists, especially Palestinian activists, often try to delegitimize Israel by calling it a white supremacist, European-style, settler-colonial project. According to the Palestine National …


The ghosts of a Gaza return … again and again

In a jaw-dropping display of irony, the Neve Dekalim Girl’s High School was forced to cancel a scheduled celebration to mark its 40th birthday. Since 2005, the school has been located in …


Generations learn together on MTA’s legacy day

Approximately 100 grandparents joined their grandsons at MTA for the yeshiva’s annual Legacy Day. In allowing the talmidim to learn with their grandparents, this is an experience that is …


SKA High announces its graduation honors

The Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has announced its graduation honors. Valedictorian: Arielle Rosman Editor-in-Chief Yearbook; Editor-in-Chief Skappenings; Editor Holocaust …

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