Yom HaZikaron

Riverdale optimism amid sorrow

Riverdale marked a somber Yom HaZikaron on Monday night, with several hundred people filling the SAR HS auditorium to listen to SAR choirs, the chanting of Tehilim, words about soldiers and hostages …

Gaza War

Bowman, Latimer clash over Israel in debate

Anti-Israel Rep. Jamaal Bowman — a member of the left-wing congressional “Squad” — faced Westchester County executive George Latimer, his pro-Israel primary opponent, in a …

Yom HaShoah

7th Candle

As is customary at Yom HaShoah commemorarions, six candles were lit in the Five Towns on Sunday night, one for each million of the six million Jews who were slain by the Nazis. Four of the candles …

Media Bias

Times canceled

This is an excerpt from an article published this week in Algemeiner.com by Ira Stoll, The Algemeiner’s press-criticism columnist, headlined "Jewish Newspaper  Editor  Cancels His New …

Gaza War

Letter from an Israeli to her extended family in America

Most of the news we get about America these days is about the awful demonstrations on the university campuses. They already stopped calling for a ceasefire, and have starting demanding …

Gaza War

There’s a real difference between East, West

Long ago, I was held captive in Kabul as a young bride. When I managed to get out, I understood in my bones that the West and the East are very different places. Other Americans do not …

Gaza War

UN blames ‘fog of war’ for Gazan overcount

The United Nations now claims that “the fog of war” is to blame for a major overstatement of the number of Gazan children who have been killed in the war. In mid-March, the UN …

On Campus

Here’s the network behind campus antisemitism

Antisemitic violence and intimidation continue at encampments and protests at universities across the United States. At the same time, debates on free speech, hate speech and threats …


After city lived with 275 years of ghosts, Jewish Charleston is bullish on its future

A third of the way into an hour-and-a-half tour of Charleston’s Jewish historic Coming Street Cemetery on an overcast afternoon in April, Anita Rosenberg admits believing in ghosts. The …

Gaza War

The prognosis for American Jewry is not good

The steep rise in antisemitism in the United States has reawakened the debate about whether the so-called “Golden Age” of American Jewry has run its historical course. It’s a …

Global Focus

What Biden did not say about antisemitism

President Joe Biden’s speech on May 7 at the US Capitol, during which he eloquently revisited Nazi Germany’s journey from racial laws discriminating against Jews to outright …

Media Bias

Liberal media still in denial on post-Oct. 7 antisemitism

Seven months of an unprecedented surge in antisemitism that has turned American college campuses and even K-12 schools into hostile environments for Jews has changed a lot of …

Gaza War

Dr. Phil’s Bibi interview delivers moral clarity

It’s not surprising that the press had a field day following Dr. Phil’s interview last week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Until recently, the iconic TV …

Gaza War

Palestinians get novel UN rights for non-member

The UN General Assembly voted 143-9 on Friday to give the Palestinians unprecedented rights for a non-member observer state, though still did not grant Palestinians full UN membership. The …


Jewish vote, up for grabs, may decide election

A few weeks ago, Reform Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, senior rabbi at the Steven Wise Free Synagogue in New York, delivered a shocking sermon. Standing at his pulpit, Hirsch voiced a stern warning to …

Kosher Kitchen

The kugel (all kinds!) go back a long time

I have often wondered about the history of some of the foods that are commonly associated with Jewish cuisine. One thing I often wondered about when I was a kid was kugel. My grandmother made a …


‘Canada’s Rabbi’: His story’s in daughter’s book

Rikki Ash (pictured) has always known her beloved grandfather was a special person. She knew that he had lived a life of purpose and made every day count. In her new …

Help Wanted

If you are a journalist (or sales pro) who values truth, Torah and Medinat Yisrael…

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