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The authors of the Torah thought that food was so important that it is a discussed from the very first moments of man’s existence when Adam is told he can eat anything in the Garden of Eden … more
The main dish of a Rosh Hashana meal is often beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. People think about the main dish for days and try to decide what to make. Meat? Chicken? Fish? All THREE? … more
For locals, one of the only things that makes Tel Aviv summers bearable is Cafe Levinsky 41. It’s a tiny store in the Levinsky Market that’s instantly recognizable by the pickup truck … more
Palascinata, Hungary’s take on the crepe, are slightly thinner than the French version, thanks to the addition of seltzer water — and perhaps even more delicious. This recipe comes from … more
As Israeli government ministries work to communicate the singularity and attractiveness of the country’s culture and industry to audiences abroad, they’ve put wine in the … more
My grandmother had a kugel for every occasion. It seemed that she never went anywhere without a kugel. Every time she arrived with a kugel, my dad would quip, “Have Kugel, Will … more
If you love pickles, you might be left with jars and jars of leftover pickle juice. Before you throw out that brine, there are actually so many ways to use it. While you can definitely make a good … more
You know that thing when you pick up the leash and the dog runs to the front door, ready for his walk? That’s me when my wife asks if I want to go to Trader … more
Summer eating is the best eating of the year, as far as I’m concerned. It’s light and quick and relaxed and far less labor-intensive all the way around. The foods of summer are … more
If you’ve never made falafel from scratch, I’m here to say: It’s possible, and it’s delicious. I was definitely intimidated by the task until I finally jumped right in. But I … more
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