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Last week I presented an excellent essay, Achieving Kavana: Praying from the Heart, by Rookie Billet, featured in a new prayerbook, Siddur Avodat Halev (Rabbinical Council of America, 2018). This … more
The Fourth Hamas War, as this week’s conflagration may soon be called, comes as a surprise to no one. For the past six months, Hamas has been staging provocations and firing on Israeli … more
Does it really matter what started the shooting at the border between Israel and Hamas-run Gaza? To outward appearances, it looks like it was something of an accident when a routine security … more
So, how was your day? In southern Israel early this week, thousands of families had to spend the night in bomb shelters, after Hamas terrorists in Gaza rained down more than 450 rockets in the space … more
More than three-fourths of American Jews want Israel to be reduced to just miles wide — narrower than Washington or the Bronx. How can that be? … more
When I was very young, I always got excited when Thanksgiving came around. This was the most fun holiday. We got to eat turkey, all my cousins came over and my grandparents spent the whole day at our … more
When Yaakov first arrived in Haran, he encountered shepherds waiting at a well. It might have been the same well where his mother met Eliezer 97 years earlier. And if it was, things had certainly … more
When I was studying for my doctorate in psychology, we had a number of fairly strict requiarements in addition to our courses in psychology. For example, we were expected to possess a reading … more
Recently the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), together with Koren Publishers, released a new prayer book titled Siddur Avodat Halev, the third time the RCA has published a siddur under its … more
Our parasha begins with the famous words, “And Yaakov left Beersheba, and he went to Charan” (Bereishit 28:10). Yaakov’s departure is a direct response to his mother Rivka’s … more
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