Mac games yield ‘positive connections’ to Israel

Some 7,000 Jewish athletes from 80 countries headed back to their home countries this week following the 20th Maccabiah Games, a two-week event that is being praised for helping create …


As witnesses die, ‘Project’ keeps history alive

As the generation that bore witness to the Shoah is dying, Project Witness will host a three-day holocaust education conference next week on topic of “Transmitting Memory: Commemorating …

Rabbis Blacklisted

Chief rabbinate ‘blacklist’ puzzles Orthodox rabbis

In 2012, Rabbi Jason Herman wrote a letter to Israel’s chief rabbinate certifying that a friend of his who wished to get married was Jewish and single. The letter was declared …


Jack Rybsztajn’s memories of Shoah survival

Continued from last week’s Jewish Star Tell me about the death march. Our camp was close to the front where the Americans were fighting the Germans. So they took us out and walked us far …

Terror in Israel

Jerusalem terror and the split between minorities

Last Friday’s deadly terror attack near the Temple Mount shows how Israel is at the forefront of the clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the West—not only with the …


Intersectionality: It can exclude, it can include

Last year, I wrote an opinion piece for JTA about a term and a trend few Jews over the age of 30 had ever heard of: intersectionality. Coined in the late 1980s, intersectionality posits that various …


Kippah can be a lifesaver for kids with allergies

At 3-1/2, Peretz Apfelbaum may not completely understand it yet, but some kitchens can put his life in danger. The Brooklyn boy is allergic to peanuts …

Alan Gross

Gross, after Cuba, restarts in Israel

WASHINGTON — Alan Gross, 68, wanted to tell me his news: He and his wife, Judy, had made aliyah. “It came through on May 3, which is Golda Meir’s birthday …

Israeli Politics

Gabbay wants to lead Labor party from center

TEL AVIV — He’s charismatic. He’s an outsider. And he’s a political centrist. Some have hailed Avi Gabbay, the telecom exec who was elected on Monday to lead the …


Hebron site of new anti-Israel ‘narrative warfare’

The United Nations cultural body UNESCO last week passed a resolution declaring Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs as an endangered Palestinian heritage site, in the latest example of what legal …


Israeli couscous mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is one of those comfort food dishes that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So when my co-workers suggested I try a mac and cheese made with Israeli couscous instead …

Terror in Israel

Preventing ‘apocalypse between Islam, Judaism’

The Israeli government reopened the Temple Mount complex to Muslims and members of other faiths on Sunday with strict new security measures, in the wake of last Friday’s attack near the …


US consul in Israel erases Jewish history

The U.S. consul general in Jerusalem recently set off on the first leg of a 200-mile hike that will simultaneously promote one pro-Palestinian myth while inadvertently exploding another. Consul …

Israeli Products

Mayim Bialik new SodaStream voice

Mayim Bialik, a star on the CBS hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” launched a witty new video campaign this week for SodaStream, succeeding actress Scarlett Johansson as the official …


LIers go all in with Israel

For Chani Newman of Far Rockaway, making aliyah with her husband and children, the answer to the question, “Why now?” was obvious. “We’re Jewish!” she …


400-year-old library survived Hitler, Inquisition

AMSTERDAM — Livraria Ets Haim is the world’s oldest functioning Jewish library. As such, it is no stranger to the prospect of imminent destruction. …


Beyond Kotel, Jews eye Temple Mount prayer

ERUSALEM — While liberal American Jews may be invested in their years-long campaign to establish egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall, another group has been gained traction by setting their …


Meatballs with tahini and tomatoes

Tahini is a remarkably versatile ingredient. Its rich, nutty flavor adds unique character to everything from cookies to roasted veggies, raw veggie salads and simmer sauces.  It’s not …

This week in Torah

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‘Intersectionality' craze demonizes Jews

In the Venn diagram of intersectionality, one group doesn’t intersect the others. “Intersectionality” is the left-wing word of the day. Academically, it means various …

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Star readers reap $500 at Seasons, dinners, shows

Readers of The Jewish Star were generous in their feedback, and the newspaper of Long Island’s Orthodox communities returned the favor. Twelve people who participated …