Shuls talk tuition this Shabbos

Two Five Towns shuls will consider the Orthodox community’s tuition crisis this Saturday, hosting discussions after mussaf and at motzei Shabbos. The morning discussions on “Tackling …


FIDF event salutes 3 real heroes

The words hero, heroine and role model perfectly define the three Israel Defense Forces soldiers who were honored last week in Cedarhurst by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF). On July …


Friedman cheers Trump after Obama betrayal

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, a resident of the Five Towns community of Woodburgh, told the ZOA gala on Sunday that President Trump was on Israel’s …


‘Christian Zionist’ Bannon: War is no time to moderate Bannon: War is no time to moderate

Steve Bannon was greeted enthusiastically Sunday night when he told the ZOA’s annual gala that “I’m proud to stand with the state of Israel … I’m …

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30,000 frum women trade more than recipes

Getting dinner on the table is a challenge for any busy, modern family. With larger-than-average family sizes and religiously mandated dietary restrictions, mealtimes can be even more complex in …


The easiest Jewish comfort food of my childhood

Noodles and cottage cheese was the defining dish of my childhood. I think of it as the Eastern European version of boxed macaroni and cheese — a culinary staple of youth.  Whenever I …

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60,000 Polish nationalists march. Should we worry?

The sight of far-right activists waving racist banners and shouting anti-Semitic slogans during a nationalist march in the capital of Poland over the weekend shocked many around the world. It was …

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Post-Harvey mission: every home a mezuzah

As Hurricane Harvey swept over Houston, Chava Gal-Or counted herself lucky. The water rose up to her door and a little bit seeped in, but her home did not flood. However …

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At Federation, Rivlin pushes pluralism

Reuven Rivlin played peacemaker Monday night — between American Jews and Israelis. Speaking at the annual General Assembly of the North American Jewish federation …


Israeli’s shekel: World’s 2nd-strongest currency

The German financial services giant Deutsche Bank has ranked the Israeli shekel as the world’s second-strongest currency, bolstering the broader outlook on the Jewish state’s …


Qatar, like Arafat, finds a few Jewish friends

The controversial invitation to officials of several American Jewish organizations to visit the gulf kingdom of Qatar follows the historical pattern of dictators trying …

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Prince Charles says and does the darndest things

The British Daily Mail last week published a 1986 letter from Prince Charles to an American friend in which the heir to the British throne urged the U.S. to “take on the Jewish lobby” and …

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So many reasons to be thankful. Let’s eat!

I was always taught to be thankful. My grandmother told me to be thankful for all the toys I had and the Chanukah gelt she gave me. My other grandmother told me to be thankful I didn’t …


Jew v. Jew as Congress defines anti-Semitism

WASHINGTON — Jewish leaders and advocates for Israel last week exchanged heated remarks at a congressional hearing on how to define anti-Semitism. Tuesday’s hearing of the House …

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Oceanside JCC raises Alzheimer’s awareness

“She thinks you’re her son,” Gloria Lebeaux, director of social work for the Barry and Florence Friedberg Jewish Community Center, told this reporter, …

american jews

Agudath rips pluralism

Agudath Israel of America on Tuesday issued the following statement in response to Prsident Rivlin’s address to the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly: …It …

kosher bookworm

The Italian Talmud and Rabbi Jeremy Rosen

This week I am presenting a guest writer, Rabbi Jeremy Rosen, whose essay, “Italian Talmud,” excerpted below, introduces us to an interesting chapter in the long history …


‘Go Beyond’ push launched by Nefesh B'Nefesh

Nefesh B’Nefesh (NBN) and Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL) this week launched “Go Beyond” in a fresh push to develop Israel’s periphery by directing new olim toward opportunities …

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What does it mean to be Modern Orthodox?

While the vast majority of Modern Orthodox Jews believe in G-d, send their kids to Jewish day schools, and make incomes well above the national average, they are less than unanimous in their views on whether women should be rabbis or synagogue presidents,