Harebrained UNESCO can’t rewrite history

Just as a phantasmagoric United Nations vote that the sun rises in the west and sets in the south would be ignored by thinking people, the latest anti-Israel vote by UNESCO (the United Nations …


Trump hit over ‘international bankers’ speech

MIAMI BEACH — Donald Trump’s speech in West Palm Beach last Thursday sounded familiar themes — familiar to his campaign, but also to folks versed in anti-Semitism and in classic …


Leaked email highlights worries about Clinton run

WASHINGTON — A new leaked email shows that a speech by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last December left senior Israeli officials worried she might lean toward the Palestinians if elected …

health, mind and body

Hadassah continues research into BRCA1 cancer

One of the leaders in the fight against breast cancer is Dr. Tamar Peretz Yablonski, daughter of a Holocaust survivor, whose tenacity and determination to find a cure inspires …


Tsahal rav speaks at HAFTR MS

During aseret yemei teshuva, on Tzom Gedalya, the students at HAFTR Middle School heard from Rabbi Eli Skaist, a lieutenant and chaplain in Tzahal-IDF and rebbe at the Ashreinu Yeshiva in …


HANC HSers attend pre-debate talk

Laura Eisner’s AP Government class at HANC High School participated in a pre-debate event at Hofstra University — right across the street — on Sept. 22.   A panel of two …

kosher bookworm: alan jay gerber

A wild British Simchat Torah

What an irony. I always knew that the first commentary on a Sukkot machzor describing the rather sharp medieval reaction to a British-based Simchat Torah service would come from the pen of a former …


Gingersnap and apple challah recipe

This bread bursts with ginger from gingersnap cookies and fresh ginger, the flavors straight out of the Germanic regions, like Alsace-Lorraine, Germany and Austria, where Jews lived for many …

politics to go: jeff dunetz

UNESCO’s Temple Mount and Western Wall lies

UNESCO’s history-defying vote asserting that the Temple Mount is sacred only to Muslims, echoes anti-Israel propaganda across the Middle East and ignores that the ancient Greeks, Romans, …


Phys ed fun at HALB

Ask the children at HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center to describe their weekly physical education class, and the answer you’ll hear most often is “FUN!” Little do they …


MDS students build ‘extreme sukkahs’

Before Sukkot, Rabbi Klein’s seventh and eighth grade dinim class at Manhattan Day School learned all about extreme sukkahs. First, they constructed the world’s smallest halachic …


Beyond self at SKA

The Aseret Yemei Teshuvah took on greater meaning for the students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls in Hewlett Bay Park on Oct. 6, with “Beyond Yourself,” an uplifting …


Toot, toot goes shofar at HALB early child center

Some children held their ears, some looked up in wide-eyed wonder, and some laughed joyfully as Rabbi Akiva blew many …

who's in the kitchen: judy joszef

‘Everything water challah’ on Sukkot

I’ve been baking challah for about 34 years. I added honey, margarine, sugar and cinnamon, way before it was in vogue. I always wanted to find a recipe I loved for a water challah …


Schmearing Utah: Bagel-making at Salt Lake City

When Robb Abrams first moved to this mountain city from the New York area six years ago, he loved the idea of living in an outdoorsman’s paradise. But …

viewpoint: ben cohen

Unsporting behavior: Israel’s enemies in athletics

One of the most enduring images of last summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro captured Islam El Shehaby, an Egyptian judo competitor, or judoka, turning his back on the outstretched hand of …


Shulamith girls visit Kulanu

Fourth eighth graders from the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst joined Kulanu students for a pre-Sukkot activity on Oct. 13. Creativity abounded …


YOSS principal reps yeshivas, seeks fair share for private schools

Rabbi Avraham Fridman, general studies principal of Yeshiva of South Shore in Hewlett, was chosen to represent the interests of yeshivas and day schools at the ESSA Non-Public School Workgroup. He …

This week in Torah: Shabbat Sukkot

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Columnist tells why he’s a political conservative

The other day I sat through a discussion between Christian friends about conservatism and religion. One commented that some of the conservative theorists’ ideas about man’s imperfections …