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The concept of “going up in holiness” is one that gains prominence around Chanukah, as we light candles, adding one each night. But the opinion of Beit Shammai is that we start with … more
The Kli Yakar describes three stages of growth in his explanation of the dialogue with the Wise Son. There is avdut, the removal of the “dirt,” symbolized by the bitterness of maror. … more
The first narrative in the book of Vayikra describes the eighth day of the dedication of the Mishkan, culminating with the deaths of Nadav and Avihu and the aftermath of that … more
This Shabbat will be Rosh Chodesh, and we will read Parshat HaChodesh in addition to Tazria — an uncommon opportunity to take out three Torahs. Both Parshat HaChodesh and this Rosh Chodesh … more
Towards the beginning of Parashat Tzav we find a depiction of the general korban mincha (“meal offering”), and a similar personal offering brought by the High Priest, Aharon. Both … more
Parshat Zachor has a bit of a cult following. People who are not necessarily strict to hear Torah readings in general will run to shul to hear Parshat Zachor. Many synagogues have multiple readings … more
The Yalkut Shimoni’s opening comment in his Midrashic exposition on Parshas Vayakhel is translated as follows: “Vayakhel Moshe, and Moshe gathered: Our Rabbis, the master … more
The very last of the vessels of the Mishkan is finally described in chapter 30, as we learn of the kiyor, the washbasin the kohanim were to utilize before involving themselves in the service of the … more
A year ago, 17 families’ worlds and lives were turned upside down, as were the lives of countless relatives, friends and communities with the horrific shooting in Parkland, FL. A … more
In one of the opening statements of his essay “The Lonely Man of Faith,” Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik writes, “The nature of the dilemma can be stated in a three-word sentence. I am lonely.” … more
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