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The haftarah of Chazon, the opening chapter of Yeshayahu, includes a message from G-d that is very hard to understnd. “Of what use are your many sacrifices to Me? says the L-rd. I am … more
His face is a study of pure determination, seeking every depression in the rock. There is little room for mistake. One slip will result in a 3,200-foot free-fall to the valley floor below. But he … more
Like the Shoah, Tisha B’Av brings us face to face with the problem of evil: “If G-d is truly good, why does He allow evil to exist?” In his essay Sacred and Profane, Kodesh … more
A Pew poll released in 2016 poll suggested that most Israelis, Arabs and Jews alike, appeared to have lost hope in a two-state solution. “Nearly half (48 percent) of Israeli Jews … more
We finally made it! The week our Torah reading catches up with that of Israel! We have been misaligned with our brothers and sisters ever since they observed Shabbos and read Parshat Shemini on … more
It was a typical park bench conversation. I hadn’t seen my friend for quite some time, and we both were delighted to run into each other by chance that afternoon. We shook hands and … more
The Israelites were almost within sight of the Promised Land. They had successfully waged their first battles. They had just won a victory over the Midianites. There is a new tone to the … more
A crucial aspect of the Three Weeks that is often ignored is that of introspection —cheshbon hanefesh. In my estimation, this period is precisely the time for looking in the mirror of … more
My wife’s maternal grandmother was a wise old woman. She was raised in the Old City of Jerusalem, where she accumulated wisdom from her family and the diverse Jerusalemites who lived all … more
In Parashat Pinchas, Moshe was in sight of the Angel of Death. Miriam had died. So had Aaron. G-d had told him “You too will be gathered to your people, as your brother Aaron was” … more
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