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I’m on the hunt for a good, old school and heimish gefilte fish recipe. I know, I know. These days, the kosher culinary world is all about the cutting-edge sophisticated kosher interpretations … more
I am hearing of this type of Israeli tragedy too often. A young, post-IDF hiker dies while trekking in Peru. G-d forbid a car accident or a shooting, but wholesome granola-crunching trekking?! You … more
I’m not sure what side I come down on about Elor Azraya, the IDF soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian stabber last week as he was laying on the ground. My initital reactions were anger, … more
On a late-Shabbat walk in Manhattan last week, I found myself weaving through a large, loud group of people. It turns out it was a pro-Trump rally. One of the people standing around stopped me, … more
When you think of blood, you think of the most visceral thing. For example, the adage, “blood is thicker than water,” implying that family ties rise above all else; or the phrase … more
We all know, at the very least, the bare bones story of Israel’s 1948 Independence War: the UN partition plan that the Arab nations rejected, the ensuing war in response to said rejection, the … more
As I was grocery shopping at Fairway on the Upper Wehst Side, a product caught my eye: lekvar. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t seen that Hungarian prune spread in years. It reminds me of … more
Although shneider, meaning tailor, is a common name in the Jewish community, I can’t say I have ever personally known one. I do, however, remember a scene from “Fiddler on the … more
Mrs. Leah Kagan was one of my favorite people. When I think of the kind of person I want to be, it is she, a treasure of kindness and sweetness, one of the most accepting people I ever met, with an … more
Boy do I wish I had been in Denver last week. It’s at a time like this that I feel true love and homesickness for my hometown. When I sat down to watch the Super Bowl with some friends, one … more
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