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I am hearing of this type of Israeli tragedy too often. A young, post-IDF hiker dies while trekking in Peru. G-d forbid a car accident or a shooting, but wholesome granola-crunching trekking?! You … more
I’m not sure what side I come down on about Elor Azraya, the IDF soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian stabber last week as he was laying on the ground. My initital reactions were anger, … more
On a late-Shabbat walk in Manhattan last week, I found myself weaving through a large, loud group of people. It turns out it was a pro-Trump rally. One of the people standing around stopped me, … more
When you think of blood, you think of the most visceral thing. For example, the adage, “blood is thicker than water,” implying that family ties rise above all else; or the phrase … more
We all know, at the very least, the bare bones story of Israel’s 1948 Independence War: the UN partition plan that the Arab nations rejected, the ensuing war in response to said rejection, the … more
As I was grocery shopping at Fairway on the Upper Wehst Side, a product caught my eye: lekvar. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t seen that Hungarian prune spread in years. It reminds me of … more
Although shneider, meaning tailor, is a common name in the Jewish community, I can’t say I have ever personally known one. I do, however, remember a scene from “Fiddler on the … more
Mrs. Leah Kagan was one of my favorite people. When I think of the kind of person I want to be, it is she, a treasure of kindness and sweetness, one of the most accepting people I ever met, with an … more
Boy do I wish I had been in Denver last week. It’s at a time like this that I feel true love and homesickness for my hometown. When I sat down to watch the Super Bowl with some friends, one … more
Normally the stereotype is that New Yorkers are cynical and tough, while Coloradans (where I’m from) are wholesome and softhearted. Well, come visit New York City when the newscasters are … more
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