Tehilla Goldberg
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After the destruction of the first Temple in Jerusalem, the people reacted with extreme grief. The centerpiece of their lives, of their Judaism, had been destroyed. How were they to go on? They … more
It’s summer, and it’s been scorching hot outside. This is the third time I’m devoting my column to hyperthermia — specifically, losing a child to it in a locked … more
I had to make an emergency run the other night. There were no wounds; it was not for Band-aids, Neosporin or hydrogen peroxide. It was for popsicles. In the sticky, sweltering New York … more
Something has gone wrong in the integration of the Ethiopian Beta Israel community into Israeli society. I have an abiding affection for the Ethiopian community, and on both a human and an Am Yisrael … more
In 1984, when I was a little girl who travelled from Israel to visit my grandmother in Denver, we went to one of my great-aunts for a July Fourth barbecue. Of course, I had never heard of July … more
Here’s a good rule of thumb for Congress: Unless it’s an actual genocide, don’t compare anything to the Holocaust. Ever. The fate of the victims of the Holocaust was painfully … more
Drinking wine — one of life’s great simple pleasures. With each sip from a stemmed glass, the libation holds a layered history and mystery that led to the taste of this moment. … more
By the time you read this, the sun will be shining again, spring will have returned, and last week’s record snowfall in Denver will be a distant memory. I am tickled pink with the charming … more
When I updated a pro-Israel academic about Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s recent remarks, she just burst out laughing. She wasn’t even upset. Tlaib’s statement about Palestinians … more
Reuma Eldar of The Voice of Israel radio has passed away. She truly was the voice of Israel. I was raised on her melodious voice. For early risers, her brother was equally famous for the Shema … more
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