Tehilla Goldberg
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In 1984, when I was a little girl who travelled from Israel to visit my grandmother in Denver, we went to one of my great-aunts for a July Fourth barbecue. Of course, I had never heard of July … more
Here’s a good rule of thumb for Congress: Unless it’s an actual genocide, don’t compare anything to the Holocaust. Ever. The fate of the victims of the Holocaust was painfully … more
Drinking wine — one of life’s great simple pleasures. With each sip from a stemmed glass, the libation holds a layered history and mystery that led to the taste of this moment. … more
By the time you read this, the sun will be shining again, spring will have returned, and last week’s record snowfall in Denver will be a distant memory. I am tickled pink with the charming … more
When I updated a pro-Israel academic about Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s recent remarks, she just burst out laughing. She wasn’t even upset. Tlaib’s statement about Palestinians … more
Reuma Eldar of The Voice of Israel radio has passed away. She truly was the voice of Israel. I was raised on her melodious voice. For early risers, her brother was equally famous for the Shema … more
Even before I laid eyes on the sorrowful yet mesmerizing photos of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral going up in flames, the iconic cathedral billowing plumes of smoke, my immediate reaction was … more
Over the last days of Pesach, I did not access technology for 48 hours. Afterward, I went online with curiosity. Usually it’s silly things you missed in the interim. This time was … more
Two sets of Jewish bones were found this past week. One was in Brest, Belarus. The other — after 37 years of waiting — was the remains of IDF Sergeant Zecharya Baumel, killed in the … more
I never saw the movie “Entebbe,” or, as history’s most audacious and daring military rescue operation was known to me in my Israeli childhood, “Mivtza … more
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