Tehilla Goldberg
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When I was an elementary school student growing up in Israel, I was part of a strong, idealistic, nationalist Zionist community known as Merkaz Harav (referring to the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of … more
As we all watched in horror as the fires spread across Israel, we were also grateful that no life was taken. This story, in which people lost their homes, an artist’s life’s work of 40 … more
This column started as View From Jerusalem. After I moved to the Upper West Side, it was switched to View From Central Park, a geographic marker of the move, from Jerusalem to New York. When I … more
Famously, last week’s Torah portion, Lech Lecha (ranslated “Go To Yourself”) speaks of journeys. Specifically, Abraham’s journey. He was called upon by G-d, and he … more
The UNESCO talk hasn’t died down, which is not such a surprise. As the Boston Globe put it: “One needn’t be a scholar or a historian to know that the cultural, religious and … more
Ah gutten vinter,” my father wished me as I departed after Simchat Torah, the last of the holidays. Back in the day, that was the traditional greeting with which one signed off the High Holiday … more
With Rosh Hashana at the doorstep, culinary markers accompany Elul’s piercing shofar blasts and the recitation of Selichot prayers. Aside from the endearing ritual of the classic simanim … more
Although his life is the sum of its very different parts, it is the recent ending as president, the shining ending, by which many remember him now … more
Every time the Olympics rolls around, I want to believe in it. I want to partake in it from afar and cheer this idea of humanity coming together in the spirit of sportsmanship. When it’s the … more
I inherited my love of the movie “Chariots of Fire” from my father. I can watch it a million times (for the running beach scene with that gorgeous stacatto music alone). But the theme, … more
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