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Last week’s Torah portion concluded with Moshe telling the people what will happen when they enter the Promised Land. Owing to the terrible deeds of the inhabitants of the land, G-d had decided … more
The end of Parshat Re’eh is one of the few times in the Torah that the holidays are presented. Noticeable is the instruction to be joyous on the holiday, a point noted once for Shavuot (16:11), … more
After describing the difficulty he had in judging the people by himself, Moshe describes how he suggested to the people that they bring forth their most honorable leaders to serve as captains and … more
Before Parshat Pinchas buries itself in the sacrificial order for each holiday (what becomes the Maftir reading for those days), we hear the story of Tzlafchad’s daughters. Without … more
The listing of the travels of the Israelites in the wilderness finishes, in Parshas Masei, with these verses: “They left Almon Divlathaymah and camped in the Avarim mountains in front of Nebo. … more
A larger view of the Torah provides the context through which we can see how the Biblical Israelites were meant to relate to their neighbors in the lands within and surrounding the Promised Land. … more
To the best of my counting (and I’m happy to hear a correction), the Torah mentions the concept of Shabbos once in Bereishis, six times in Shemos, four times in Vayikra, twice in Bamidbar … more
One of the disturbing episodes in the parsha concerns the people who are complaining about the manna, bemoaning a lack of meat as they remember the fish, fruits and vegetables (cucumbers, melons, … more
One of the laws discussed in Parshat Naso concerns the Nazir – a person, man or woman, who chooses to remove himself or herself from society to a limited degree, through not consuming wine and … more
Shavuot begins on Saturday night, and since one cannot begin preparing for the holiday before Shabbat ends anyway, the point being raised here about beginning Shavuot early is a non-issue in 2016. … more
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