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How does the opening of the book of Vayikra, which we begin this Shabbat, relate to us today? Our service is not the Service of the Temple, it does not include sacrificial lambs and goats and … more
The Torah tells us that Moshe was given an instruction that “On the day of the first month, on the first day, you shall erect the Communion Tent Tabernacle.” (40:2). This was fulfilled in … more
As the Torah progresses with the building of the mishkan (tabernacle), we find the instructions of chapters 25–31 coming to life, culminating with Moshe telling Bezalel, “Do your … more
Prior to describing each of the garments of the priests, the Torah tells us, “These are the vestments that they shall make: a breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a knitted tunic, a turban, … more
As the Torah depicts the instructions for the vessels of the Mishkan, each item has very detailed instruction pertaining to its particular structure. The Ark, for example, is relatively easy to … more
After her blatant anti-Semitism was exposed to the world, Helen Thomas became persona non grata in much of the Jewish community, so much so that when she passed away, some Facebook feeds were lit up … more
While the debate over what Moshe’s father-in-law “heard” opens up the discussions on the first verse of the parsha, several verses later the Torah tells us “vayichad … more
They traveled from the Sea of Reeds, and they went out to the Shur Wilderness, and they walked for three days in the wilderness and they did not find water. And they came to Marah, and they were … more
Four of the plagues involve living creatures coming to disturb the lives of the Egyptians — Frogs, Lice, Arov (purposely not translated here as this one is complicated to identify), and … more
After Moshe and Aharon are reunited and they convince the nation of Israel that they were sent by G-d to redeem them, they declare before Pharoah, “Send My nation to celebrate for me in the … more
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