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While the debate over what Moshe’s father-in-law “heard” opens up the discussions on the first verse of the parsha, several verses later the Torah tells us “vayichad … more
They traveled from the Sea of Reeds, and they went out to the Shur Wilderness, and they walked for three days in the wilderness and they did not find water. And they came to Marah, and they were … more
Four of the plagues involve living creatures coming to disturb the lives of the Egyptians — Frogs, Lice, Arov (purposely not translated here as this one is complicated to identify), and … more
After Moshe and Aharon are reunited and they convince the nation of Israel that they were sent by G-d to redeem them, they declare before Pharoah, “Send My nation to celebrate for me in the … more
On his deathbed, Yaakov gives blessings to all his children. The first three sons — Reuven, Shimon and Levi — receive farewell wishes which are not as pleasant as those given to the rest … more
Shortly after revealing himself to his brothers, Yosef tells them that “It has already been two years of famine throughout the land, but there will be five more years where there will be no … more
Strange as it seems there’s been a run of crazy dreams,” sings the narrator in the musical about Joseph, and what is most needed is a dream interpreter. What a strange time to live in, … more
The Talmud tells us that when Yosef was confronted by the temptress, his master Potiphar’s wife, he was able to control himself and overcome her advances because he saw his father … more
Relatives of the 11 Israeli team members who were murdered by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich have revealed new details of the grizzly … more
After not having seen each other for 36 years, Yaakov returns to the land of his fathers, to be confronted by Eisav. “Eisav ran to meet them. He hugged [Yaakov], and throwing himself on his … more
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