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Though this week’s parsha begins with a story of Yisro, its chronological relationship with the rest of the Exodus narrative is debated by the commentaries. If we ignore this story for a … more
After Moshe followed the instructions that made the waters of Marah drinkable, we are told, “There he taught them ‘chok u’mishpat’ and there he tested them.” The simple … more
When one reads the opening of Parshat Bo, it is hard to ignore the question of who has the bigger ego — Pharaoh or G-d? Over the course of the previous seven plagues, Pharaoh has actually … more
The first aliyah of Vaera, this week’s parsha, Vaera, concludes with a superfluous statement, one that has already been: “G-d [then] spoke to [both] Moses and Aaron. He gave them … more
On Monday I followed a custom I’ve undertaken to listen to a speech of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the day America has dedicated to him based loosely on his birthday, and in listening to his … more
When Ephraim and Menashe are presented to Yisrael, he has the older grandson placed on his right side, while the younger is placed on his left. As Yisrael is in a bed, we can imagine that each young … more
Today we’re going to explore a very simple question. Did Yaakov know that Yosef was alive? (Let us clarify: An answer of “yes” this does not mean that Yaakov knew Yosef was a ruler … more
One of the fascinating aspects of actual Torah study comes in the subtlety of language. How a specific word (and sometimes even a single letter) is used opens the door to interpretation that is lost … more
When we read the story of Yosef and his brothers carefully, a number of things jump out at us that mirror the Torah’s narrative from the depiction of creation. … more
We are a people who are proud to honor the Bris Milah and willingly and unquestioningly circumcise our sons. We do this because of our commitment to our end of the Covenant, and our belief that as … more
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