Rabbi Avi Billet
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Today we’re going to explore a very simple question. Did Yaakov know that Yosef was alive? (Let us clarify: An answer of “yes” this does not mean that Yaakov knew Yosef was a ruler … more
One of the fascinating aspects of actual Torah study comes in the subtlety of language. How a specific word (and sometimes even a single letter) is used opens the door to interpretation that is lost … more
When we read the story of Yosef and his brothers carefully, a number of things jump out at us that mirror the Torah’s narrative from the depiction of creation. … more
We are a people who are proud to honor the Bris Milah and willingly and unquestioningly circumcise our sons. We do this because of our commitment to our end of the Covenant, and our belief that as … more
In Parshat Ki Tetze we are told about a man who has two wives, one who is beloved (ahuva) and one who is detested (s’nuah) (Devarim 21:15). Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch notes that the term used … more
Unaware that she was carrying twins, Rivkah has second thoughts when the “child” in her rumbles around. The rabbis teach us that when she passed a house of study Yaakov tried to emerge, … more
It had been a grueling few weeks. After almost 30 years in the reserves I was definitely getting too old for this — midnight ambushes with 10 to 20 kilometer treks carrying heavy gear and … more
Were the forefathers Jewish? Leaving aside the anachronistic usage of the term “Jew,” there are those who argue that while the forefathers were monotheists, calling them … more
When we consider the story of the binding of Yitzchak, one of the characters, who played a significant role until this tale is conspicuously missing from the narrative. That person, of course, is … more
In this week parsha, Lech Lecha, we read about how when Avraham and Sarah embarked on their journey to the Land G-d would show them, they brought with them the “souls they made in … more
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