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Issue of September 17, 2010/ 9 Tishrei 5771Dear Aviva, I was doing some thinking and just came to a realization. I have a very particular way of relating to people — I always have some quip or … more
Ask Aviva Issue of September 10, 2010/ 2 Tishrei 5771Dear Aviva, I am dating this girl and it’s getting pretty serious. The shadchan set us up mainly because we have similar backgrounds. We … more
Issue of September 3, 2010/ 24 Elul 5770 Dear Aviva, My husband and I had plans to move to Israel since we starting dating in med school.  His family lives here but my family lives in Israel. … more
Issue of August 27, 2010/ 17 Elul 5770 Dear Aviva, What do you do about a lazy family member? My family is very close-knit. We are immigrants, we work hard and we rely on each other a lot. … more
Ask Aviva Issue of August 20, 2010/ 10 Elul 5770Dear Aviva, I have worked very hard over the past few years in school; maintaining a great GPA while juggling a young family and an almost … more
Ask Aviva By Aviva Rizel Issue of August 13, 2010/ 3 Elul 5770 Dear Aviva, Recently I went out with a guy and we really hit it off. On the third date, I found out that he is dating other … more
July 30, 2010/ 19 Av, 5770Dear Aviva, I am in a real quandary. About 6 months ago I lost my job and was having a very difficult time finding a new one. My family was really feeling it and we … more
Issue of July 23, 2010/ 12 Av 5770 Dear Aviva, What is our world coming to? I just got off the phone with my friend. She called to tell me about our mutual friend’s divorce. This is the … more
Issue of July 9, 2010/ 5 Av, 5770 Columnist's Note:  This letter was sent with the writer's parental permission. Dear Aviva, I am 8 years old.  My first problem is that I want to be … more
Ask Aviva Issue of July 9, 2010/ 29 Tammuz, 5770Dear Aviva, We are very fortunate to have all of our kids married off. We’re not ungrateful for what we have, but we’ve noticed a problem … more
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