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 Dear Aviva, My granddaughter is in 3rd grade and is being bullied by Chani, a neighbor of hers. I have personally witnessed it and it is clear that my granddaughter, Tzippi, is not at fault. … more
Dear Aviva, My husband works two jobs — both of equal importance. This is to allow us to have a stable financial household and allows me to stay at home with my young children, which is very … more
Dear Aviva, My husband and I are Modern Orthodox and we raised our children in the same vein. Our son came back from his year in Israel this past summer and he is a different person. Aside from … more
Dear Aviva, I’m a 25-year-old male living in the Jewish community. I’ve got my own apartment and my own circle of friends and everything’s going great. But everywhere I go, I’m having an … more
Dear Aviva, I like wearing snoods and tichels but I don’t like my friends telling me that I’m wearing a rag or look like I just got out of bed. I legitimately think that tichels look … more
Dear Aviva, I am planning a wedding. Both my parents and my chassan’s parents are in some debt already and neither I nor my chassan has a full time job. We are both making just a little less … more
Dear Aviva, I was thinking about the basic differences between the chinuch that is implemented for girls (high schools and seminaries) vs. the yeshiva method and how it has a negative impact on … more
Issue of October 15, 2010, 7 Cheshvan 5771 Dear Aviva, I know there is a shidduch crisis going on, so I have done my best to help out the few singles that I know. One particular guy that I was … more
Ask Aviva Issue of October 8, 2010/ 30 Tishrei 5771 Dear Aviva, Why is it so hard to get people to mind their own business in our community these days? My husband and I have been married for … more
Issue of September 22, 14 Tishrei 5771Dear Aviva, Being married has made me dread Yomim Tovim. My husband and our baby son move into my in-laws’ house, and it is really hard on me. My in-laws … more
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