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Dear Aviva, I am a father of 4 kids- all in yeshiva. The tuition costs are exorbitant, and it's burning a huge hole in my pocket. It is causing much financial strife in my family. I am working a full time job that pays well, so I don't qualify for scholarship, yet I can't seem to afford much else except the tuition! It's putting a strain on my marriage, and arguing about money in front of my kids doesn't help our shalom bayis either. What’s your take on it? more
Dear Aviva, With Purim now behind us, I am starting to get my usually Post-Purim/Pre-Pesach anxiety attacks. I get so nervous and panicked about having to clean and cook and organize for Pesach, and every time I think, of all that I have to do, I get so overwhelmed. I either don’t do anything at all or take my anxiety out on my family by yelling about some trivial thing. How do I stay calm these next few weeks? I wish I could wiggle my nose and have Pesach get done for me. more
Dear Aviva, My husband”s business has slowed to a tiny trickle and I can”t seem to find work. We got a loan modification, got approved for SNAP, HEAP, Child Plus, and Medicaid. The yeshivas have been amazing-one tuition committee was so understanding that they are now paying us to send our preschooler there. The problem is my husband”s wanton spending. He insists on unloading the few dollars we have on frivolous things like groceries and the water bill. more
Dear Aviva, I have one married son who lives out of town. My relationship with my daughter-in-law was rocky from the beginning. But over the years we have been able to have a solid relationship and be cordial with each other. Recently, I feel that she isn’t calling me enough. more
Dear Aviva, I was disappointed with your response to “Strangled in Marriage” (1/27/2011). I think you missed the point and your advice was narrow-minded. When I read the husband’s letter, I heard a young wife who wants love and attention from her husband. It’s obviously hard for her to express her needs directly, but love and attention are the strongest needs of every woman. If her husband is out for FOUR HOURS it’s no wonder she makes up a reason to call him. more
Dear Aviva, My husband quit smoking before we ever met, and when we dated I made it very clear that I will not tolerate him picking up the habit again. We’re married about 4 years and I’ve recently been noticing signs that he has gotten into it again. I confronted him, and he fessed up right away, but I am so mad at him! I’m worried that my kids will grow up with a bad role model while they’re inhaling second-hand smoke—which is way worse than regular smoking! How do I get him to stop? more
Dear Aviva, I am a mother of two as well as a kindergarten teacher. I have come to realize that I use up all of my energy and patience throughout the day to deal properly with my 20 rambunctious students. more
Dear Aviva, I teach in a seminary in Israel that caters to young modern Orthodox women. I see that these girls are struggling with making the jump from learning halacha to incorporating it into … more
Dear Aviva, I am a devoted and supportive husband. However, there are times when I feel like my wife makes too many demands on my life. In one recent instance, I had gone to hear a speaker on a … more
Dear Aviva, I have been married for 13 years and I have four kids. I was looking at some old pictures from when I was engaged and newly married. I was such a different person back then and had … more
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