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Last week, a select group of talmidim of Yeshiva of South Shore, had the tremendous zchus and privilege to visit and hear divrei chizuk from the Novominsker Rebbe, shlit”a. The boys, the … more
With great tragedy often comes great insight, and such is represented in Rabbi Yehuda Boruch Kamenetzky’s just-released book, “Brainstorm: A deadly tumor. A young man. A story of … more
Six-thousand miles from Meron, Yeshiva of South Shore commemorated the Yom Hilula of the tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in each of its divisions. In the Mechina Division, boys joined around a … more
RICE VISIT During a visit to Yeshiva of South Shore in Far Rockway, Rep. Kathleen Rice was presented with an award honoring her services to the community.  Rice has been an advocate for … more
Rabbi Shlomo Drebin presents Azriel Rosenbaum with a prize on the final week of Yeshiva of South Shore’s Leonard Goldstein Motz’ai Shabbos Learning Program. Each Motzei Shabbos from … more
Hundreds of community members across the spectrum of age, neighborhood and affiliations, filled the ballroom of the Sands Atlantic Beach in Celebration of Yeshiva of South Shore’s 59 … more
Each morning while walking the hallways of the elementary school of the Yeshiva of South Shore, one hears the sweet sounds of Tinokos Shel Beis Rabban raising their voices in tefillah. The sincerity, … more
Every class from first through eighth grade at Yeshiva of South Shore took part in a special assembly at which they heard an impassioned address on Krias Shema Al Hamita, by Rav Dov Keilson, … more
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