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The Yeshiva of South Shore began its 61st year on Long Island without the physical presence of its late rosh ha yeshiva, HaRav Binyamin Kamenetzky, zt”l.  However, the Hewlett-based … more
The Mechina Division of Yeshiva of South Shore welcomed several sofrim from the Tefillin Awareness Project to its minyanlast Friday. Every talmid had the opportunity to have their tefillin examined … more
Harav Binyomin Kamenetzky, a pioneer in the establishment and growth of Orthodox Judaism in the Five Towns, was niftar on erev Shabbos. Thousands attended his levaya on Sunday at the Yeshiva of South … more
The Yeshiva of South Shore celebrated 60 Years of Jewish education last Sunday night, with a banquet at the Sands Atlantic Beach. Attorney Ben Brafman, a prominent resident of the Five Towns, … more
The streets of Far Rockaway were alive with the vibrant sounds of the eighth graders from Yeshiva of South Shore on Shabbos, Parshas Mishpatim. Due to the amazing hospitality of Rabbi Yisrael … more
The CAHAL Yeshiva of South Shore eighth grade class brought the light and simcha of Chanukah to residents of the Nautilus assisted living facility in Atlantic Beach. Rabbi Chananya Grinberg, their … more
The eighth grade at Yeshiva of South Shore continued its long-standing tradition of visiting HASC, the Hebrew Academy for Special Children, in Brooklyn. In the spirit of the chag, the boys danced … more
Nachum Silver — with his father, grandfathers, great grandfather and brothers — put on tefilin for the first time on 12 Kislev at Yeshiva of South Shore. … more
Sometimes we get caught up in the negative and forget how much good there is in our community. We are seven boys from HALB Middle School who just finished a special program, in which we learned … more
Fifth graders at Yeshiva of South Shore celebrated a Seudas Haschalas Gemara, marking their start in Gemara learning.  The rabbeim of this year’s fifth grader class (the largest in … more
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