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Did we really have a choice at Sinai, when we said “na’aseh v’nishma” before accepting the Torah? The text reads that a huge mountain was held over our heads — that … more
Lisa Septimus, speaking on “Where do babies come from? Addressing grownup matters with children,” opened with a teaching in which Rav Kahuna, hiding under Rav’s bed, hears the Rav … more
In her talk on “How to truly be sameach b’chelko” when finding your bashert, Esther Wein notes that our zivug (soulmate) is supposed to be predestined — that at the moment of … more
Babies do not come with an instruction manual, so it is imperative that we understand what we are trying to accomplish in all we invest in the next generation, Debbie Greenblatt said. The Mesilas … more
One of the nagging questions parents face as they grow a family is how to raise successful children. In his shiur on that subject, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, mora d’asra of the Young Israel of … more
When Rabbi Isaac Rice asked a simple question, “Does the Torah want us to be liars?” an expectant silence fell upon his audience. The concept of dam l’kaf z’chus, giving … more
Millennials face distractions unique to the 21st century. But beyond decried technology, their struggles do include some timeless internal challenges. In his shiur … more
Anyone can eat shmurah matzah on Pesach, or take a minute to wash their hands before they eat bread, but ahavas Yisroel — the command to love our fellow Jew … more
“I’m recording this on an iPhone,” said Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff of Woodmere’s Bais Tefilah. “I have an iPad. I have a computer. I do everything on a … more
Peer pressure and even jealously can occasionally be a good influence, said Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner, menaheles of Machon Basya Rochel Seminary in Far Rockaway. A friend making aliyah can awaken … more
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