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The last time two Democrats appeared before a New York audience and debated Israel’s actions against Palestinians was in April 2016. That was in 2014 when Sen. Bernie Sanders argued that … more
WESTERBORK, Netherlands — On a foggy Sunday, cheerful cabaret music pierces the silence that hangs over this former concentration camp, one of the largest facilities of its kind in … more
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — One of Argentina’s most popular soccer clubs is hosting an exhibition of harrowing stories about the sport from the Holocaust era. “It Wasn’t a … more
REYKJAVIK, Iceland —At a windswept harbor of this Nordic capital, a bearded man wearing a black hat dips eating utensils into the icy water while hissing from pain induced by the bitter … more
Salad days are really and truly here. We have survived another winter, made it through snowstorms and frigid temperatures, viruses, a bad flu epidemic and more. We ate heartily and filled our bodies … more
In the weeks leading up to Yom Ha’aztmaut, pro-Israel students on more than 160 campuses across North America have been holding parties and celebrations for the Jewish state’s 70th … more
When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walked back an agreement with the United Nations to resettle abroad at least half of the African migrants seeking asylum in his country, it did not play … more
There is a little known test that officer cadets undergo in one form or another during Infantry Officer’s training that they almost always fail, which is precisely the point. It takes many … more
One of the fascinating midrashim on parsha Shemini pictures Aharon, the Kohen Gadol, brother of Moshe, leader extraordinaire, hesitating before going to fulfill his sacred duty, because on the … more
There is a tragic account of the last moments of Grigori Zinoviev, the Russian Bolshevik leader of Jewish descent who was executed by Stalin in 1936. According to the historian Donald Rayfield, on … more
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