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The Torah contains countless dramatic moments. One of the most powerful appears in this week’s parasha, Vayigash, when Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers: “Now Joseph could … more
Birkat Ya’akov, the Blessing of Jacob, is the most celebrated narrative of our parasha, Vayechi. It contains Jacob’s hope-filled and prophetically inspired blessing to ten of his sons. In … more
When Ephraim and Menashe are presented to Yisrael, he has the older grandson placed on his right side, while the younger is placed on his left. As Yisrael is in a bed, we can imagine that each young … more
Marlit Wendell is a Holocaust survivor who lives in Jerusalem. Marlit, her mother and older sister were able to survive Auschwitz and the war together. Their arms bear the imprint of three … more
Recently, my brother shared with me the following story: Yuli Edelstein the speaker of the Knesset, was visiting a small school in Beitar Illit (Le’tzion Be’Rinah) and shared the … more
Today we’re going to explore a very simple question. Did Yaakov know that Yosef was alive? (Let us clarify: An answer of “yes” this does not mean that Yaakov knew Yosef was a ruler … more
The five books of the Torah contain four instances of the Hebrew word chalilah (far be it). It appears twice in Parashat Miketz: “And they [the brothers] said to him [the overseer of … more
One of the fascinating aspects of actual Torah study comes in the subtlety of language. How a specific word (and sometimes even a single letter) is used opens the door to interpretation that is lost … more
In her opening remarks following U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334 (which states that Jewish settlements are impeding the peace process in the Middle East, have no legal validity and must stop ), … more
Sefer Bereishit contains the narratives of a number of larger-than-life individuals whose values and behaviors guide us until this very moment. In broad terms, it is the story of Adam and Eve, Noah, … more
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