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As a column devoted to the review of the finest in Jewish books, it came as a pleasant surprise to read a series of teachings by Rabbi Avi Zakutinsky dealing with how one should show respect for our … more
The literary work that is my subject for the next few weeks is entitled, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values” (Urim Publications, 2015), a series of essays on some of the most provocative … more
For many of us when we read the word aggadah, we assume that the subject deals with legend. However, after you read the book under review this week, the very concept of aggadah will take on a new, … more
With the sharp windy chill in the air there is an increasing wish for an early spring. Our religious tradition has long ago provided us with a meaningful expression of that wish in terms of ritual. … more
From last week’s essay about Lashon Harah, evil speech, this week we will deal with Lashon Hakodesh, sacred speech, only this time the speech we are dealing with concerns the history of a whole … more
Last week, the Rosh Yeshiva of Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem, Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl, shelita, published an inspiring essay titled, “The Servitude in Egypt as a Result of Lashon Hara,” Which … more
This new year is the first one since 2008 where there is no incumbent running for president of the United States. Eight years ago I wrote an essay about a new book entitled, “How Would G-d … more
In last week’s essay I discussed a wonderful new book, “Spark Ignited” (Menorah Books) that describes the spiritual journey taken by two women that culminated in their conversion to … more
We live in interesting times that witness murder as state policy and also brazen and often violent religious intolerance. These are also times, by contrast, of religious tolerance in many quarters … more
This year’s Jewish season of joy has been marred by a series of ongoing tragedies. In his recent book, “Judaism Alive,” Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn of the Yavneh Academy in Los Angeles, … more
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