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Extra set of hands; a shoulder to lean on By Malka Eisenberg Issue of August 29, 2008 Any married parent who’s ever felt like he or she does a disproportionate amount of the child rearing … more
Dear That’s Life, In my mind, few things say ‘summer’ like a boating trip on the Delaware. Pulling into the Lander’s Boat Trips parking lot was like going back in time. All of a sudden … more
Donors continue to give, but less than in previous years By Michael Orbach Issue of August 29, 2008 2008 saw the government bailout of Bear Sterns, the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, an … more
Issue of August 29, 2008 By Rachel BladyA Jewish Heritage Day audience of tens of thousands watched on the big screen at Shea Stadium Sunday as Gary Schnitzer, a New Jersey man recovering from … more
First person By Malka Eisenberg Issue of August 29, 2008 My husband, Steven Eisenberg, got the call on his cell phone in his office. The Gift of Life contact person said that he was a … more
The Haftarot of our lives A review of how our Haftarot are treated, by Dr. Michael Fishbane Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber Issue of August 29, 2008 A few weeks ago The New York Times … more
Issue of August 29, 2008 Not in the mob To the Editor: I found the article ‘Congregation Beis Ephraim Yitzchok welcomes new rav’ (August 22, 2008) to be offensive, insulting and … more
From the other side of the bench By David Seidemann Issue of August 29, 2008 The melodies are haunting — evoking feelings first experienced in the Holy Temple thousands of years ago. … more
A gift from a Cedarhurst family to a shul in Texas By Michael C. Duke Issue of August 29, 2008 Like a bride and groom on their wedding day, members of a small shul in Houston were joined by … more
Playing by the Rules By Avi Billet Issue of August 29, 2008 How confusing does a five-word pasuk (verse) have to be? Here is a loose summary and translation of Devarim 12:1-4: “These … more
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