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Issue of July 25, 2008 It's not too often that the world gets a chance to make an example of a really bad guy, but an excellent opportunity has just popped up and it would be nice to see that it … more
Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber It was the time when there was no State of Israel, before there were Arab refugees, occupied territories … more
An unlikely reunion by Rabbi Avi Billet In light of last week's challenging "exchange" of soldiers Goldwasser and Regev for, among others, a murderer who does not deserve the treatment he has … more
Literature of the three weeks and the Holocaust “Eim HaBanim Semeichah” as edited and translated by Rabbi Dr. Pesach Schindler Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber Midway through the month … more
Affecting fate By David Seidemann Exactly how hard should I try? When does human effort end and divine effort begin? If G-d is all-knowing and a leaf doesn’t turn over in the wind without … more
Why isn’t keeping halacha good enough anymore? By Jessie Fischbein My 12-year-old daughter doesn't like to wear socks in the summer. When she became bas mitzvah, she began to scrupulously … more
An intrepid traveler from the Five Towns combines business and pleasure in a jaunt across the time zones By Phyllis Koegel It was Wednesday morning in Jerusalem and I was standing at the … more
Killing to live By David Seidemann Any time. Any day. In a heartbeat I would gladly swap 400 to 500, even 600 of the enemy alive, for one or two dead Israeli soldiers. And I’d free a thousand … more
The Freifeld Legacy Reviewed by Alan Jay Gerber We call it yichus — the legacy of generations of the past. Rabbis, scholars, talmidei chachamim, community leaders who were ancestors to those … more
A spiritual high By David Seidemann Fame and fortune have finally arrived. I entered a restaurant on Father’s Day, wife and kids in tow, and was greeted by a maitre de of sorts. “Do you … more
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