SKA ‘Together with Pittsburgh’


SKA’s principals spoke at davening and added an extra perek of Tehillim at Shacharit in memory of those who died and as a prayer for the injured to heal. English teachers had students write condolences and letters of support to the emergency personnel who worked to control the situation, while the Social Studies teachers led discussion in their classes about the rise of anti-Semitism. SKA’s chesed committees have reached out to the Pittsburgh community asking how they can help.

SKA’s new student initiated campaign “Together with Pittsburgh, Together in Shul,” was launched on Thursday, encouraging girls to attend shul the past Shabbat and in the coming weeks and months.  Since the tragedy occurred in shul on Shabbat and the victims were in shul on time, SKA students honor their memory than by coming to shul and davening.

A campaign poster was designed by senior Tammy Aryeh. Wrist and hairbands with the slogan were sold, with funds going to the families in Pittsburgh.