SKA explores outer and inner self; open house this Sunday


We, juniors at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, recently had a fascinating experience connecting our learning in both Judaic and general studies while examining our outer and inner selves.

SKA’s 11th grade human anatomy and physiology classes created edible cookie cells with our teacher, Dr. Neera Kimmel. Using all the different candies provided, we were able to represent the various organelles in the cell.

Together with our limudei kodesh teacher, Mrs. Aviva Dennis, we connected this fun activity to the yomim tovim.

Mrs. Dennis presented the following statement to us: “Taking a good hard look at yourself is not the same as taking a selfie.” With these words, we learned to look at our INNER self. Just as the cell has many INNER parts that help it function, we too have a number of INNER qualities that help us connect with Hashem. Instead of just looking at all of our SELFIES, we should begin to look at our “CELL” FIE.

We should look at what is inside each of us and how we can improve, rather than looking at what is on the outside. 

SKA’s OPEN HOUSE will be held this Sunday, October 22, from 9am till noon. We welcome you to see how SKA bridges our Judaic and general studies in many fields and invite you to meet our dynamic Head of School, Mrs. Helen Spirn, together with SKA’s vibrant administration and faculty members. Learn how SKA can be Nurturing, Inspiring and Empowering through the amazing educational and extracurricular opportunities offered in our school.