Shulamith stars shine on stage


The Shulamith auditorium was filled for this year’s Middle Division production, “Erev Shabbat,” on Feb. 13.

Directed by Sari Kahn, Rebecca Gruenfeld and Kristin Alfather, and brought to life by a select group of middle school students, this extraordinary performance was about what Shabbat might be like if a guest who seems to hold the key to unity made an appearance. The production was, to some extent, an adaptation of Mary Poppins, and many of the song and dance numbers were based on the popular musical.

The show began with a tribute to mothers, in which the choir sang a version of Eishet Chayil composed by musical director Rebecca Gruenfeld. All of the girls also brought roses to their mothers, as an expression of their appreciation for everything that their mothers do for them.

Throughout the show, the audience was entertained by many jokes, hilarious and heartfelt songs, stellar acting, and energetic dances.

When all of the girls took their final bow, the auditorium erupted in thunderous applause. The audience was awed by the talent of the cast and amazed that a production of this caliber was performed by fifth through eighth graders. “Erev Shabbat” was most definitely a hit!