Shulamith literacy week


Literacy Week at the Shulamith School for Girls included visits from three several speakers.

Elizabeth Kurtz, author of the cookbook, “CELEBRATE Food, Family, Shabbo,.” explained how, as a blogger, she uses emojis and abbreviations and writes as if her readers are her friends. She also discussed the process of writing a cookbook.

Chaim Schneider (left photo), parent of seventh grader Lani, presented “From Concept to Consumer” to fifth graders who hears hear how an idea becomes a book. With his experience at Judaica Press, Schneider was able to delineate all of the steps in the publishing process.

Rabbi Dovid Fohrman spoke to the eighth graders about a writer’s relationship with his readers.

In the Lower Division, guest speaker Rabbi Michael Levy (right photo) discussed his struggles with blindness and the tools he uses to have a successful life.

Lower Division students went of a shopping spree at a book fair and celebrated their new picture books with book buddies.