Shulamith girls: MS Torah Bowl winners


For the third year in a row, the Shulamith Middle Division Torah Bowl team won the divisional championship, defeating HAFTR, HALB, HANC, NSHA and Silverstein. Yeshiva of the Jersey Shore beat Shulamith, the defending league champs, as well as the other divisional champs, Ramaz and Moriah.

Led by captains Sabrina Graff, Ilana Moskowitz, and Shayna Wasser, who composed hundreds of practice questions for the team, the Shulamith girls studied the entire Sefer Bereisheet with Rashi’s commentary.

The girls, who spent many leisure hours on Torah study, thanks their coaches, Mrs. R. Billet and Morah S. Fischman, for their service to the team.