Shulamaith announces 8th grade grad honors


Eliana Eichler, Valedictorian

Eliana resides in Cedarhurst and is the daughter of Aviva and Moshe Eichler. She is a bright and highly motivated student at the Shulamith School for Girls who works hard to achieve her goals. She excels in her studies and is always looking for ways to grow in areas of Torah, academics and midot

Eliana has participated in both the Torah Bowl and Math Olympiad teams. She has been named winner of the school spelling bee three out of the last four years. Eliana was elected Vice President of the G.O. in seventh grade. She used her senior year to work on chesed, including being a homework helper at the Levi Yitzchak Library and her weekly chavruta with an individual with special needs.

Outside of school, Eliana has been pursuing her love of dance. She has been taking dance classes and demonstrated her talents in the Shulamith production and in Harmony. She looks forward to her time in Camp Kaylie during the summer.

Elianae expresses her hakarat hatov to the teachers and administration at Shulamith for the education she has received. She also wishes a mazal tov to her fellow graduates, especially to her sister, Tzipori.

Eliana is looking forward to attending Stella K. Abraham High School in the fall.


Essie Abittan, Salutatorian

Essie resides with her parents, Dr. Chaim and Mrs. Lisa Abittan, and her siblings in Woodmere. She is honored to have been chosen to be salutatorian of her graduating class.

During her senior year at Shulamith, Essie served as co-editor in chief of her class yearbook. In addition, for the past two years she has participated in the Shulamith Torah bowl team, which won this year’s championship.

Essie is proud of the fact that for the past eight years, she has delivered Tomchei Shabbat packages each month with her father and siblings. In addition, Essie spends time each week studying the laws of lashon harah with a chavruta who has special needs. In sixth grade, Essie was honored to have received the Keter Shem Tov award.

Essie has benefitted tremendously from the efforts of the teachers and administrators at Shulamith, and is grateful for their dedication to educating her and her classmates.

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