Rav Schachter, YU rosh yeshiva, back at Rambam


Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, visited Rambam to faher the talmidim in Rabbi Yosef Ziskind’s afternoon Double Bais Medrash Shiur and spoke to the entire Mesivta as well.

The 12 boys in the shiur have spent the year learning various sugyos in Meseches Chulin and presented their topics. Rav Schachter asked each group questions on what they said and frequently nodded his head in approval of their presentations.

Overall, it was clear that the talmidim knew their Sugya well and had a deep understanding of the various Shitos/opinions dealing with the topic. Addressing the whole mesivta, Rav Schachter said that all Jews have kedusha because the Torah is infused in each of us.