Rambam students watch SpaceX launch


Students in Rambam’s Robotics Club joined the school’s STEM group to watch the Feb. 6 launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket, the most powerful rocket in the world able to return humans to the moon — and even further, to Mars. Elon Musk encouraged anyone thinking of tuning in for the launch to do so, predicting that “this will either be a great launch or the best fireworks.”

Fifteen minutes begfore the successful launch, Rambam’s Director of Technology, Sruly Schnair, led the boys in a brief discussion about what they were about to see. Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman spoke about the Rambam’s concept of the mitzvah of ahavas Hashem which comes about from studying the laws of nature, created by Hashem.

“When we see an event like this, and realize our ability to understand, use and master the complexities of the universe, it gives us a small glimpse into the unlimited knowledge that Hashem implanted in the universe during creation,” he said, noting that “it is unfortunate that many in the media are crediting ‘scientists and engineers’ for this accomplishment without recognizing the Boreh Olam, Hashem, as the ultimate source of these laws and man’s ability to delve into them and utilize them.”