Rambam honors leadership, chesed


The motto of Rambam Mesivta’s Student Activities Program is “A Team for Every Talent, A Club for Every Curiosity, A Place for Every Person.” This was on full display at Rambam’s annual award assembly where students were recognized for outstanding leadership and chesed.

Junior Akiva Schuck and freshman Uriel Sussman received plaques for their Leadership in Davening and setting the tone for their respective minyanim. Senior Benjamin Aryeh was crowned Question of the Week and Caption of the Week contest champion for the the 1st Semester. Seth Marcus was awarded the Torah Question of the Week Champion with Benjamin Kattan winning the Photo of the Week championship.

Sam Sicklick was recognized for his school Service and Ariel Blumstein was called up for his stewardship of the Chesed Club. Zvi Shleifer, Zev Granik and Joseph Stern were recognized for their work forming and running the Rambam Yachad Club.

The Assembly closed by acknowledging the masmidim for their extra learning.

Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman then addressed the talmidim and shared with them a recent political cartoon that shed negative light on Israel. He spoke about the significance of activism and taking a stand against this type of slur and injustice. Even though the assembly was in celebration of wonderful accomplishments, the message was sent that the talmidim should never rest on their laurels but stay committed to taking a leadership role and helping Klal Yisroel in whatever way possible.