Rambam cheers as alumni earn smicha


Yeshiva University celebrated its Chag HaSekmikha on Sunday, ordaining 130 rabbis, including seven from Rambam Mesivta.

The Rambam musmachim are Rabbi David Block, Rabbi Yaakov Grossman, Rabbi Dovi Hochbaum, Rabbi Yossi Jacobs, Rabbi Gabi Weinberg, Rabbi Eli Weisenfeld and Rabbi Yair Menchel.

Some of the new clergy will lead communities, others will teach, and others will enter the fields of medicine, law, psychology, or business. 

“Today’s event was truly a celebration for the Jewish community at large,” said Rambam’s According to Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman. “We watched the next generation of young men begin the process of leadership for the benefit of all.”