Photo families join for Shabbos meal


The two families captured in a viral photo taken at O’Hare Airport in Chicago during a demonstration of President Trump’s travel ban had a Shabbat meal together.

On Friday night, the Yildirim family, who are Muslim, joined Jordan Bendat-Appell and his family at their home in Deerfield, Illinois.

As a gift, the Yildirims brought a drawing by their 7-year-old daughter, Meryem, of the photo that brought them together. The photo, taken by Chicago Tribune photographer Nuccio DiNuzzo, shows a Jewish boy wearing a kippah and a Muslim girl wearing a hijab holding protest signs while they both sit on their fathers’ shoulders during the airport protest.

The families had exchanged contact information at O’Hare after talking about sharing a Shabbat meal in celebration of peace, the Tribune reported.

Bendat-Appell and Fatih Yildirim told reporters the two had been discussing where to find a good kosher steakhouse when the photo was taken.