Letters to the editor


Issue of November 20, 2009/ 3 Cheshvan 5770

Continue The Jewish Star’s ‘very important work’

To the Editor:

I would like to thank you for your editorial regarding the Toldos Rebbes (Is this really a smart thing to do?; Nov. 6, 2009). On a very personal basis, I felt that your editorial represented the feelings of the vast majority of our community and feelings that our family feels very strongly.

Any Jewish leader who can be aligned with the Neturei Karta, with the despicable acts they have committed against Klal Yisroel, should not have been welcomed in our community.

Continue your very important work at The Jewish Star. Continue to get real stories out that will educate our community.

Rubin Brecher


Comic genius on Kosherfest

To the Editor:

A work of comic genius (You know you had a good time if your stomach hurts; Nov. 6, 2009). My wife and I nearly choked — on dinner — while digesting this. Whatever you’re paying Michael Orbach — double it...and throw in free food!

Brian Nadata