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Just wee bit of tension presages perfect wedding


As most of you know, from my previous articles, my daughter, Jordana, married Daniel (Dan) Weichselbaum (whom I adore) on July 3, in a beautiful, outdoor chuppah followed by a night of dining and dancing. From the beginning to the very end, it seemed perfect to me, just like I dreamed about since she was a little girl.

But … the weeks leading up to the wedding … let’s just say, were nightmarish at times. 

Where shall I begin? Invitations were a breeze. Rise Kaufmann was amazing! The photography and videography by Three Star Photographers was a pleasure. The caterers, Avi and David Abikser, of Genedeen Caterers, couldn’t have done any more for us — we were treated as family! The orchestra? Ike Walkover; need I say more? 

Being that the kids got engaged 13 months before the wedding, you would think I would have had time to find a gown I liked. To my surprise I couldn’t find anything I loved. Wait, that’s not totally true, I did find some that I loved, but thought it wouldn’t be wise to take out a second mortgage on my home to pay for it. Then there were the gowns that would have been perfect, but did not come in the correct color, were sleeveless without he ability to add sleeves, etc.

So in April I began looking for material, and decided I would have a gown made. The seamstress was totally booked solid with Memorial Day weddings and finally squeezed me in four weeks before the wedding. When she saw me panicking, she told me to relax, “August 3 is not that close, we have plenty of time,” she said. I corrected her, “it’s July 3!” Then we both panicked in unison.

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