HALB kindergarten to White Post farm


Children and morot alike had a blast at the annual Hebrew Academy of Long Beach spring trip to White Post Farm.

Sunny skies accompanied the kindergarten children, morot and volunteer parents on HALB’s farm adventure. The children hand fed goats, alpaca, sheep, camels, and cows.

Seeing the animals up close gave them an opportunity to observe what Torah tells us are the two signs of a Kosher animal: splits hooves and chewing their cud. They saw bulls, pigs, kangaroos, lemurs and zebras too.

The children enjoyed a pony ride, and walked on a bridge over a beautiful pond filled with fish, turtles and a big white swan. A delicious picnic lunch was enjoyed in a shaded tented area and there was play in a vast playground full of massive wooden and plastic structures including a school bus and Noah’s Teyva, just to name a few. 

The children’s favorite part of the trip was the aviary. The large net-enclosed space housed many different birds flying freely and landing on feeding sticks held by the children. Some even landed on their arms and legs. The children were so brave and had an awesome time.