HAFTR 100 days


We were so excited that we reached our 100th day of school. The children have been counting every day since the beginning of school and they finally reached their goal. They counted to 100 by 10’s and 5’s and then by 1’s.

To celebrate their 100th day, they clapped 100 times, jumped 100 times, stomped their feet 100 times and took 100 steps to see where they would end up. Also, we have been adding a penny to a jar each day, since Day 1 as a means of observing the concepts of zero, “plus one”, more and less, and heavy and light. Each child even wrote a book all about the concept of 100! 

The next day, the children immediately started our new mathematical focus: a count down. How exciting for our little ones to count down the days until they become kindergarteners.