Gourmet Glatt supermart expands into Woodmere


Gourmet Glatt, the Cedarhurst institution, opened its new Woodmere store, at 1030 Railroad Ave., between Franklin and Irving places, last week.

The fully renovated 15,500 square foot space, formerly occupied by Key Foods Supermarket, boasts a spacious fresh produce section, self-service meat section and full-service butcher department, a large dairy department, more than  six  aisles of grocery products and two aisles of frozen foods.

An on-site bakery, Chap-A-Nosh, Ossie’s Fish, Schwartz’s Appetizing and Simply Sushi will soon set up shop in an adjacent 3,500 square foot space that will be incorporated into the store; meanwhile, the store is carrying pre-packaged items from each of these vendors.

“We decided to open in two stages because we wanted to start meeting the needs of kosher consumers in neighborhoods like Woodmere, North Woodmere, Hewlett, Oceanside and West Hempstead as quickly as possible,” says purchasing manager Howie Klagsbrun. 

On opening day, distinguished rabbonim stopped by to take part in a mezuzah-affixing ceremony, including Five Towns Vaad HaKashrus  head Rabbi Yosef Eisen and Rabbis Heshy Billet, Binyomin Forst Elisha Horowitz, Binyomin Kamenetzky, Mordechai Kamenetsky (who delivered a divrei brocha), Yitzchok Nobel, Daniel Ovadia, Tzvi Ralbag, Yaakov Reisman, Moshe Teitelbaum, Shmuel Witkin, and Zalman Wolowik.

“Gourmet Glatt is first and foremost a community store,” said Gourmet Glatt Vice President and General Manager Yoeli Steinberg, “so having these choshuva community rabbonim join us on opening day was both fitting and extremely gratifying.”

The new store offers an abundance of free parking.