Chesed for Chanukah


Young people visit Woodmere Rehab

By Yaffi Spodek

Issue of Jan. 9, 2009 / 13 Teves 5769

Residents of the Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center enjoyed daily visits by volunteers who enhanced the Chanukah celebrations by lighting the menorah, singing, dancing and playing dreidel with them. Students came from several local schools including DRS, HAFTR, HALB, Shulamith, SKA, Yeshiva Toras Chaim and the Morgenstern School.

“These children, with their wonderful programs, brightened the Chanukah week at our facility and we greatly appreciate each and every one,” said Leba Sonneberg, director of Marketing and Community Relations at the center.

Sonneberg singled out the students of DRS, who “came each day with enthusiasm, warmth and smiles,” she said. On the fourth night of Chanukah the DRS boys brought along a guitar to accompany their singing, in addition to a batch of homemade Chanukah cookies. The cookies were baked specifically for the residents by a bride and her friends at her wedding shower.

“Thank you to the young ladies who sent such a wonderful treat to our residents,” Sonneberg said, expressing her gratitude toward the students. “Thank you to the outstanding young men who took upon themselves the mitzvah and responsibility of coming to Woodmere Rehab each day. Yasher Koach on a job well done!”