At Shulamith, teshuvah’s road back


During Aseret Yemei Teshuva, the Shulamith Middle Division hosted a panel discussion on the topic of teshuva.

The panelists — Devorah Resnick, a parent of two Shulamith graduates; Morah Adina Wolf, a member of the high school faculty; and Morah Nava Eisenberg, a middle division faculty member — answered questions posed by students on the topic of drawing closer to Hashem.

Students said they were inspired by the many ideas presented by the panelists:

“It’s not nebby to talk about being close to Hashem. It’s cool to have a relationship with Him!”

Lo alecha hamelacha ligmor — you just have to try to grow closer to Hashem, and He will help you.”

“If you think about Hashem when you’re in a beautiful place, you will begin to think about Hashem everywhere you go.”

Seventh grader Miriam Abittan appreciated the idea that there’s no such thing as a small improvement.

Even the smallest change can be a big deal when it comes to doing teshuva.

Students agreed that the session offered practical ideas for how to strengthen one’s connection to Hashem.