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Late last month, a reporter for Bloomberg Law called the U.S. Department of Labor for comment about a recently hired staffer … more
The number of Israel-related, anti-Semitic incidents against Jewish students on campuses increased 70 percent from 2017 to 2018, according to a report published … more
At the end of August, the New York Police Department Hate Crimes Task Force investigated an alleged anti-Semitic attack near Brower Park in Crown Heights. Someone had allegedly thrown a block of ice … more
Of the 435 members of the House of Representatives, 134 have said that they are for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Here’s where the 25 Jewish Democrats in the stand. It is … more
In trying to understand the often esoteric arguments of the Talmud, people turn to teachers, dictionaries and a range of other study aids. Jesse Freedman has found another helpful, albeit unexpected … more
My entire life, my mother has told me to grow thicker skin — that I need to block out the nasty words and comments. If you react, she says, it only gives them more power. I recognize there is … more
In our parsha, Ki Tavo, we find Moshe being repetitive with his goodbyes. Which seems excessive. At the end of chapter 26, he tells the people, “G-d is commanding you to keep the laws. … more
There is a mystical idea which suggests that hidden within every fire of destruction is the spark of redemption. Such, for example, was the case on Aug. 3, 1492, which was also the Ninth of Av, … more
Our parasha, Ki Tavo, contains a passage that has gained considerable fame due to its inclusion in the Haggadah: “And you shall call out and say before the L-rd, your G-d, ‘An Aramean … more
The setting: Jerusalem some twenty centuries ago. The occasion: bringing first fruits to the Temple. Here is the scene as the Mishnah describes it. Throughout Israel, villagers would gather in … more
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