SKA Pesach inspiration


Students at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls chose from among 18 Pesach preparatory sessions given by SKA faculty members on topics that included Searching for Chametz Within Outselves, Yetziat Mitzrayim and Trust in Hashem, and Four Steps to a More Engaging Seder.

SKA students had even more opportunity for inspiration the next day when the entire school joined girls from other schools in an NCSY pre-Pesach All Girls Yom Iyun Zoom.

After hearing from motivational speaker Shimi Adar, each grade split into breakout rooms and heard engaging shiurim from Rabbi Judah Mischel (9th Grade), Erin Stiebel (10th Grade), Rabbi Moshe Benovitz (11th Grade) and and Suri Weingot (12th Grade).

SKA’s Pesach preparation greatly increased the ruach of yom tov throughout the school.