Letter to the Editor

Refusing to wait quietly for ‘#148’


This letter refers to last week’s page 1 column by Stephen Flatow, titled, “P’stinians killed 147 Americans. From DC: Silence.”

I paid a shiva call to the Ganeles family in West Hartford, due to the loss of their son Elan, alav hashalom, at the hands of terrorists.

While at the shiva call, the topic of Soviet Jesswry came up — and the rallies, marches on Congress and protests and arrests which were held weekly, monthly, yearly throughout the USA.

Lo and behold, the Soviet Jews are now in Israel, America or anywhere else they would like to be. The leaders, Rabbi Avi Weiss, Rabbi Meir Kahane zt”l, organizations and other people and entities whom I do not know nor identify, worked day in and day out, tirelessly for these efforts — and their visions and efforts paid off.

When I came home after midnight, I saw the article by Stephen Flatow, regarding what can be done to bring to justice the murderers of 147 Jews.

I can’t help but say to myself, why is Stephen Flatow writing this article? Where are the leaders? The Rabbi Avi Weisses?, the Rabbi Meir Kahanes? Where are the people, the organizations, to arrange protests, rallies and seminars, to mobilize the Jewish people to find these murderers of the 147 holy Jews? As Mordechai states to Esther, if not from you, help will comes from someone/someplace else.

Because we know without it, in time there will be number 148 — and will it be you or your loved one?

Avraham Roffe

Allan Roffe, DDS