HALB preps for the vote


In preparation for Election Day, fifth-graders at HALB heard from Long Beach City Councilwoman Chumi Diamond and Town of Hempstead Councilman Anthony D’Esposito.

Prior to the visit, students learned about the importance of voting and how politicians from different backgrounds work together to accomplish the goals of the people. It was fitting to see the cordial relationship between Councilwoman Diamond and Councilman D’Esposito, although they come from different parties. 

Both Diamond and Esposito spoke about what their jobs entail and how they directly affect the lives of students. Diamond talked about overseeing the Long Beach Boardwalk, the beach, and the ice skating rink, and D’Esposito spoke about Town of Hempstead parks, pools, and beaches, specifically Atlantic Beach.

Students prepared questions ahead of time and were able to ask the councilmembers for answers. City Councilwoman Diamond spoke about the challenges of being an Orthodox Jew in politics, but how those challenges are respected by her constituents. She emphasized that “throughout life, in any job, we will all be faced with challenges and decisions. If we are dedicated to our religion, then people will be respectful and understanding.”

A highlight of the program was receiving this year’s sample ballots. Students learned how to read a ballot and why names can appear multiple times. 

HALB thanks both City Councilwoman Chumi Diamond and Town Councilman Anthony D’Esposito for meeting with us, and Mrs. Shani Hollander, Social Studies teacher, for arranging the event.